The Surgical Clinic Amager primarily conducts: 

Examinations and treatment of gastrointestinal problems
Bowel cancer screening


Esophagoscopy (esophagus)
Gastroscopy (stomach)
Duodenoscopy (duodenum)
Colonoscopy (colon)
Sigmoidoscopy (rectum and lower colon)
Rectoscopy (rectum)
Anoscopy (lower rectum)
Tissue sampling

Surgical treatment:

Various skin tumors
Removal of intestinal polyps
Vasectomy (Male sterilization)
Circumcision (surgery for phimosis)
hernia repair
ingrown toenail
Please schedule a time in the clinic by phone +45 32 54 00 54, Monday - Friday 10:00am - 14:00am.

The clinic has full agreement with the Danish National Health Insurance (Sygesikringen), ie: 

  • Group-1 patients with a referral from general practioner are treated free of charge.
  • Group-2 patients pay a fee set by the National Health Insurance + a consultant fee.
  • The EU Health Insurance Card is accepted in emergencies only and patients pay cash following the consultation. The patient’s National Health Authority reimburses expenses
  • Patients without insurance pay cash following consultation.

Please note that a fee will be charged for no show or late cancellation!

No show or late cancellation for consultation DKK 250,-

No show or late cancellation for examination/surgery DKK 500,- 

For parking and traffic information: 

We are located at:

TÅRNBY SUNDHEDSCENTER Kamillevej 4-6, 2 in 2770 Kastrup

there is a big car park just outside, remember to put a parking disc on the window, 3h are free of charge.

For public transport check "DOT", several lines stop nearby 


Best Regards

German Sofin, MD, Consultant Surgeon, Specialist in General Surgery

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